Same Old same old, should’ve guessed!

I thought I’d try to re-create Pony on my new account, just in case, sort of thing. Well thanks to some help from Salid Sewell the creator of KaS toys, it is done.

I had a look round SL ponyplay and guess what? Despite a two year absence, things seem just as disorganised and drama-ridden as before. It’s sad. Somehow, since I know one or two folk in the SL ponyplay scene, I had hoped that their common-sense would prevail. From what I have seen it hasn’t and there is still as much bitching and back-biting as there was when I threw my hooves up and left.
Some folk are being reduced to emotional wrecks by this and while I admit that it MAY partially be their own fault, it does not excuse the thoughtless nastiness that has been perpetrated by one or two idiots.
I am and always have been ambivalent about the way D/s is applied both in SL generally and SL ponyplay in particular, but one thing I cannot stand is the duplicity of some individuals. No names will be mentioned, looking back at past notices and comments I have seen made in some well-established SL groups, it is always the same individuals, sometimes masquerading as alternative accounts but always with the same MO. For goodness sake, people, act like adults (which we are all supposed to be) not like petulant children!
There ARE some creative and inventive individuals around in SL ponyplay, but I get the impression that some derive more pleasure from stirring up confusion and angst that they do from ponyplay itself.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on September 2, 2018.

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