Annnnndd… free!

Out of my Maid duty for a while thank goodness. Not out of latex yet though…by choice this time! Also I’ve had time to evaluate some of the DHB toys I mentioned.

Firstly that Armbinder. Now not everyone likes them so it is not for many, maybe not you, but for me it is the best I have tried for a mesh body. The various styles of straps are good and the fit, being rigged, is spot on. Customisation of the colour scheme is quite easy once you are used to the DHB system, which I admit takes a bit of getting used to. So does the nomenclature and scripting, even allowing for language awkwardness. But it works and works well.

The Hood is a somewhat different matter. The Bento hood needs some alteration to your head-shape and that is not particularly good, in my opinion. The unrigged “Customised Hood” is actually better for me in that it needed no shape alteration and while the fit needs you to remove your ears if you edit it a little narrower, that is easy on the Catwa Master HUD. With a bit of tweaking I have achieved a very satisfactory fit. It acts much like a posture collar (logical for a non-rigged item) and the blindfold function is via a HUD, which while it could be better scripted is restrictive but not overly so. Suits a fetish bunny like me! (NB: I have removed the stiff-necked animation from one iteration of the Hood and while it briefly shows a script error on locking and on login, that soon vanishes. This is a customization that you do entirely at your own risk, needless to say).
In conjunction with the Meow Fetish hood (which is actually a Catwa head skin) and the skin gloss turned up fully, the Hood looks fine.  My #RLV folders are now burgeoning. It’s worth mentioning that if you are reasonably adept at editing linked parts or selecting faces in edit, you can do a lot with DHB gear.
I have already edited my Hood to hide the red band, but that is a personal modification. I’ll include a photo when I get around to it, worn with some of Erik Hugo’s latest mesh and DHB Ballet Boots. Watch this space (if that’s your kink!).

Edit: OK as promised some pictures:

Armbinder, just with shoulder straps shown

Arminder with all straps shown

Close up of Customised Hood, with RR gag

View using the HUD

Overview, no HUD

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on September 17, 2018.

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  1. Awesome article.

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