Maid to measure?

A little while ago I negotiated with my partner Rachael to perform a Maid’s duties for a short spell. The end result is what you see below. I confess to finding this outfit, achieving complete latex encasement, at the same time restricting and quite liberating. Liberating insofar as I have no expectation of being released from it any time soon. I have not seriously visited this side of my personality for quite a while and I was taken aback at the reaction…both mine and that of many others.

While I am content to admit to a kinky and submissive side to my personality, it surprised me to find that I reached my “sub-space” quite so readily, but now there I have no desire to leave it, at least presently. That decision will be my partner Rachael’s as my Domina.

Rachael’s Maid 2018

Rachael’s Maid, 2018 close-up

The reaction of others that have encountered me in this form has been somewhat surprising in that nearly all have been complimentary and even a tad envious of my restriction and latex encasement. I have a variety of outfits that I am required or allowed to wear and a range of domestic chores that I must perform almost daily, comprising ironing, dusting (as shown), sweeping and scrubbing. They are all well-scripted and animated attachments and allow me to perform my duties to my Domina’s satisfaction. The domestic chores equipment is all accessible by my partner and Domina through the #RLV folder of my collar. The level of personal restriction varies and is entirely the choice of my partner and Domina, for which I am perfectly content to endure as required.

I HAD thought I’d left this behind me, but I now find I have definitely not done so!
The outfit is from KaS (Corset Dress), NGW (Aphrodite Hood and Mittens), DHB (Ballet Boots), Hugo’s Design Mesh (Neck Corset/Collar), Marine Kelley’s MdlM applier catsuit and a Maid’s Bonnet I found on the Marketplace. Oh Yes, the domestic chores equipment is by Daisy Creations, who also supply my Maid AO. The hair is from No_Match with some modification by me. Some of the other bits are not visible, primarily a Happy Undead collar (sadly no longer available), (FireFlower Peanut 9rev2 scripted).

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on October 25, 2018.

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