Another DDoS…now two!

SL has suffered two particularly persistent DDoS attacks in the past week. For one reason or another I was never affected, for which I count myself very fortunate. April Linden blogged about the first one after the dust settled:
However, there was another one today, resulting in several bouts of mass logouts. We are told that SL, or LL, is not the primary target of this but merely impacted by the attacks on the ISPs they use to operate SL.
It seems to me that DDoS attacks are becoming more prevalent in this age of internet dependency, so we must trust to the LL staff to battle these service outages as and when they are able.
There are so many issues impacting various aspects of SL at the moment that it is hard to know what is happening. With Mainland lag and general region performance significantly worsening and LL working on this new SSP continent (are those new regions being added to the already heavily loaded Mainland servers, perhaps?) our SL is not very stable or predictable at the moment.

ETA Friday 2nd…make that three…or should that be four…this could be a series and it cannot be LL’s fault really, but SL will suffer as folk give up and wander off.

FETA Friday 2nd at 9:30pm GMT: And at last it’s my turn in the barrel! Yet another mass outage. I am beginning to think that LL and their partners really should be on this by now.
Addendum at midnight GMT: I did get online after about 20 minutes but a quick look at the online numbers shows SL was about 15% light in terms of online numbers. Now whether that means that a proportion of users still could not log in or simply 10% or so of SL just decided to find their entertainment in RL for tonight we shall never know, I suspect.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on November 1, 2018.

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