When is a maid not a maid?

When it’s a Mer-maid! So, after many years I have got back into the Mer-world (though not exactly looking the same as I used to back in the day). After some humming and hawing my Domina and I have added a distinctly colourful marine environment to our home region.
Some gentle persuasion from a certain Swedish individual led to our adoption of the latest Mer tails and AOs, and while my Domina is a fairly conventional Mermaid, as you might expect this maid simply became a Mer-maid!
So I am now a Latex-encased Mermaid. So far I have not encountered any adverse reactions for the Mer-community but it is a fairly secretive and unseen part of SL. Just as you should never judge a book by its cover, there is far more going on beneath the waves in Blake Sea than you might imagine looking at sea-level. For the curious, go look under the water at Fanci Deep!
I am still of the opinion that the Mermaid world is substantially underserved and under-developed in SL, but maybe I have not looked hard enough yet.
Just as a by-the-way comment I am running the Firestorm public-Beta 6.0.1 “animesh” viewer and so far it has proven stable, and considerably faster than 5.1.7, despite the current slowness of the texture delivery from the CDN.

Below are some pictures of our new underwater garden, mostly c/o Elicio Ember’s Cerridwen’s Cauldron designs:

Not quite an Octopusses Garden!

In the channel

The Latex Mermaid

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on December 28, 2018.

One Response to “When is a maid not a maid?”

  1. I just wanted to say that i just found your posts today and i literally bing read every single ponyplay post this morning. I have been into SL ponyplay for about 3 years on 3 different avatars and found myself agreeing with pretty much everything you said. People need to learn to act like adults and enjoy the amazing world ponyplay opens for us to live in. I am currently trying to get back into SL but i only have about 200$ available to purchase a computer so im having a hard time finding something that will do just the base functions, im not that tech savvy
    In any case i wanted to say that your relationship with the same Owner for over 6 years and Her willingness to indulge your ponylife for so long amaze me and i think it is one of the most beautiful stories I have ever seen in SL. It truly reminds me of why i joined SL in the first place. I can only hope i can have an Owner that dedicated.

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