How can you hang on to a dream? Part 2

Of course not everyone comes to SL to have a Second Life. Some come to play in the various Linden Experiences around and some of the warfare Role Play regions. To them this world is just their playground and little more. That view is often used to berate those who regard SL as something rather different. Roleplay can take many forms and there are small and large communities within SL each with their own particular roleplay and in some cases it is quite self-contained. I was involved in the SL ponyplay scene for a number of years and of course that has connections with BDSM and D/s in RL. Again there is the occasional clash between SL “lifestylers” and those who merely wish to play.

Some come to SL because their real lives are severely restricted due to physical disabilities, poor health or in some cases poor mental health. Those latter folk require, nay deserve, gentle treatment and those who are limited by their RL abilities may find that they can achieve things that they are unable to achieve in RL. Some come to relive their youth, and oft times these folk can bring a wealth of experience to SL, to the benefit of all.

One common factor to all is perhaps that we owe each other a debt of tolerance, one for another, in the way we choose to live our SLs.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on January 24, 2019.

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