SL has a Child Problem

No, not about under-age users (though there IS one) but about the dreadful disruption to all SL sports and especially Ponysports caused by gremlins in the current server software.

Over a year ago Serjourn Daxter, owner of the Farthest Shore sim (among many others at the Adult Hub) which is home to Wild PonyGirls, began an LLJIRA , BUG-202882, which refers to the chronic lag-spikes created when avatars arrive on neighbouring sims to Farthest Shore. That action causes the creation of “Child Agents” on Farthest Shore and results in long spikes of virtually zero script run and physics FPS, they can be 3-5 seconds long. This, obviously badly disrupts almost ANY experience of SL, but it destroys ponysport. There are over 40 watchers on that JIRA but so far there has been zero response from LL apart from basic triage and “accepting” it, which makes further comments impossible. In frustration, Serjourn opened a second JIRA this month, BUG-226298, which, thanks to a campaign by Swenjia Chuwen, has now 100 watchers. There is, as yet, no response from LL.

A related issue is bedevilling another Pony Stable, Darkwing, on the stand alone Devon Dream sim. Now there is no obvious way that child agent creation can be causing the choppy, spiky running of Devon, which at one time was remarkable for the smoothness of its running. I have put my mind to the issue, and have come up with a possible cause…that there is “cross-talk” of that simulator with others on the same server and this might even extend to other servers on the same power-supply bus. I do not know enough about server interconnection or SL code to know how far-fetched this idea is but I urge anyone who reads this post to visit those JIRAs and read the comments therein and put your views in addition to those already expressed and PLEASE add your names to the watching list!

We need to get this issue resolved as soon as possible and at the very least get some response from LL on this issue. I wonder whether these JIRAs will remain unassigned and whether the new one will soon also be “accepted” to stop folk adding to it and showing LL just how much disruption this issue is causing!
LL JIRA links:

Just be aware that you will need to use your SL log in to see these JIRAs, that’s the way these work now. I should add that there are several other related JIRAs on this issue and you will see those when you visit the ones I linked to above.  It also shows the depth of concern within SL about this issue.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on February 15, 2019.

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