Cache Confusion…and corruption…a problem revealed.

•May 22, 2017 • 1 Comment

Following extensive testing in conjunction with Whirly Fizzle, the FS Support JIRA queen, it now seems that not only does Marine Kelley’s RLV share the cache location with the Default Linden SLV, it also shares its settings files.

This wasn’t a problem when RLV was created back in 2007, but it is a serious issue now that SLV uses the Kakadu KDU decoder and RLV uses the Open JPG decoder. As I was informed by Whirly such cache sharing by two very different decoders can result in texture corruption. I can confirm that it does indeed do that. I am not sure that sharing settings files is AS serious a shortcoming but I intend to contact Marine inworld as soon as possible about the matter.

I suspect that this will be of concern to a good many people.

ETA at 19:45hr BST: I have sent a notecard to Marine in SL about this. I await her response.
FETA at 00:30hr BST May 23rd: Marine is aware of the issue and fully accepts that the cache and settings folders are shared, she does not consider this a problem apparently.

PS FETA is Further Edit To Add, not cheese.

EFETA at 20:00hr BST May 23rd: I heard via Whirly that Oz Linden will be contacting Marine about this, it seems that LL are not happy that this might affect anyone using both RLV and SLV. (What HAVE I started?)

Another Fine Mesh again

•May 19, 2017 • 1 Comment

Well my Human Alt finally took the plunge today and got a mesh body. I wasn’t convinced it was that important but having had the courage to try a demo I was soon convinced. It’s nice to have real knees on my avatar again, something, along with the hands and feet, that the default system shapes never got right.

I plumped for the Maitreya Lara having seen many impressive examples in my day-to-day SL. My partner and such SLuminaries as Strawberry Singh showed what could, and could not be done so I was mentally prepared. The bodies are still not cheap but the price seems to be coming down slowly as take-up increases. I know male bodies are certainly far better than their system counterparts and the average SL female certainly looks better in mesh, provided the skin and shape are sensible and I don’t doubt that male users appreciate the finer parts of the mesh female body now (or at least they will until they go blind!). I shall look more into what can and cannot be done in due course and I look forward in trepidation to my first sailing sim crossing where my SL mesh body will end up at the bottom of Blake Sea. The joys of SLailing!

Cache Confusion

•May 15, 2017 • 4 Comments

I have been doing some testing recently which has required me to briefly use both the “default” SL viewer and Marine Kelley’s RLV. I have discovered something which may either be me committing some operation error or a really quite irritating glitch in their operation.
If I use the default location for the viewer cache on SLV (my name for the default viewer) and run a session I have no issues. If I then load up and run the RLV I notice that it attempts to use the same cache location as the default viewer. Since the SLV uses the KDU graphic decoder and RLV uses the open-source J2C OpenJPG decoder this is not a good thing and leads to texture corruption (thanks to Whirly Fizzle for pointing this out to me). If I log in to RLV and change the cache location to the specific location I have set up for it, the next time I run the SLV it uses the RLV cache! Changing the cache location from the preferences on the start up page does not “take” so I have to log in to change this file destination, which is not a good thing.

Now maybe I am doing something wrong but for the Secondlife of me I do not know what! Can anyone out there offer an explanation for this? Oh and it HAS to be these two viewers for the purposes of my tests.

The Numbers Add Up

•May 9, 2017 • 1 Comment

At some point on or around April 12th this year all feeds that relied on concurrent user data (i.e. number online) from Linden Lab went null. There was no explanation from The Lab (nothing particularly unusual in that) and no response to a trouble ticket I raised on the subject. In fact that ticket has never been replied to. Yesterday the feed was re-established and all sites that used that data returned to normal, including the number online “ticker” on the Firestorm Viewer start-up page.

I have a feeling we will never know the true cause of the outage nor what was done to restore it. We can just chalk it up as another of the mysterious occurrences with data from Linden Lab.

It doesn’t do anything to increase my trust in LL.

There is a Tide in the Affairs of…Ponies

•May 7, 2017 • 1 Comment

After more than four years fully Ponied, there has been a change. Not in Pony herself in fact, but more an addition! After over 9 years in SL without such a thing I have created, with the encouragement of my partner and Domina, an Alt. If we meet it will be immediately obvious, assuming you either perve profiles or can see Display names. It does mean that we can go sailing and to trance dances together more without any “raised eyebrows” or untoward reactions.

From my point of view it means a break from the seemingly increasingly drama- and cheating-ridden world of SL Ponyplay. I have become increasingly disenchanted with some aspects of SL Ponyplay although that might be simply my familiarity with the world showing. Two of the best Ponyplay sims in SL seem to get minimal traffic, one being Devon Dream, home to Miss Safra Nitely and the Darkwing family and the other perhaps less so, The Enchanting sim, run in a large part by the tireless and ever-inventive Pricilla Slade and Susi Dollinger. But maybe I am biased! Thankfully my other favourite, Fabulous Pony Ranch at Hamilton Lake, does get reasonable traffic, especially since it is a modest Homestead sim. Pony has not ceased to exist but she will not be around as much.

So what does my new Alt do? The usual, ie sailing, shopping and dancing, like most of SL! More will come but this is early days and I have not yet overcome the split-personality effect, nor the reflex reaction to stomp once as an affirmative answer! My devotion to my Partner and the D/s life is as strong as ever and while it is not as obvious, I still use RLV(a).

One of the many influences on me to make this change was the unfortunate illness of Elicio Ember’s father and the serious urgency to collectively support this brilliant Mexican artist and SL content-creator (the sim Cerridwen’s Cauldron is his handiwork)  I have sung its praises elsewhere on the blog in the past.

A simple appeal

•February 25, 2017 • Leave a Comment

This is a brief post to refer you to Elicio Ember’s gofundme appeal for funds to help him care for his father who suffered a severe stroke during the past week. Elicio is renowned in SecondLife for the fantasy plants and structures he has created, all of which can be seen at Cerridwen’s Cauldron in SL.

I have mentioned his work on a couple of past occasions and throughout SL he is one of the most highly regarded creators. However he, like us all, has a Real life and that RL is in Mexico. Now Mexico is a fine place for all manner of reasons despite what US President Trump might say, but one thing it does not have is a good system for the care of the elderly and infirm. It is a poor country.

Therefore Elicio will have to care for his father as best he can and one of the ways that we in SL and RL can help him is firstly to go to the Cauldron and buy such of his creations as we can afford and have room for in our inventories; secondly,. if we can and if we wish to we can fund his caring in a more material way by donating at this gofundme site, the url of which is below: This is run by a close friend of his in Elicio’s SL name. It is not a thing that I have done before but if even one of the folk who read this blog make a small donation it will be a positive help to a very genuine and worthy person, who is doing his best for his father. If you can, please help Elicio.

Equine Etiquette in SL…an Outmoded Concept?

•February 23, 2017 • Leave a Comment

Today and not for the first time in recent weeks, we have a passionate debate in SL Ponyplay. The problem is that some folk simply cannot manage to argue in a civilised manner.
Surely most folk that partake in SL ponyplay recognise the D/s roots of this roleplaying? Anyone with a sniff of experience of Ponyplay in RL would instantly know this.

Concomitant with that would be, I posit, an understanding that politeness at the very least and to some degree deference to figures in authority or with some seniority is required. Maybe I am just old-fashioned in expecting this, I don’t know. Also a principal property of our roleplay in SL is a tolerance of others’ views.

Both of these qualities seem to be singularly lacking in SL Ponyplay at the moment. This may be a result of the situation that no-one with the experience of both Ponyplay and roleplay and the determination to set and require adherence to standards is available to SL at the moment. It may also be due to the view, which seems to be gaining credence, that roleplay, and by association ponyplay, is what the individual wants it to be. A “free-for-all” situation simply will never work.

Today the upshot is that when differing sets of standards are required by an event organiser, a rancorous debate ensues as to whether that individual is correct or even worthy of recognition.
The comments that I have seen in SL today are often passionate but rarely considered. Some individuals seem to revel in goading others until they make intemperate remarks and then pillorying them for doing so.

Whether the specifics involved are right or wrong is not my point. My point is that we should be capable of debating this matter in a civilised and tolerant manner. My impression today, as it has been several times in the recent past, is that many cannot.

At the risk of seeming petulant, my cry is “For Goodness’ Sake take a deep breath and think before you speak out and if you must, do it politely!”