A simple appeal

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This is a brief post to refer you to Elicio Ember’s gofundme appeal for funds to help him care for his father who suffered a severe stroke during the past week. Elicio is renowned in SecondLife for the fantasy plants and structures he has created, all of which can be seen at Cerridwen’s Cauldron in SL.

I have mentioned his work on a couple of past occasions and throughout SL he is one of the most highly regarded creators. However he, like us all, has a Real life and that RL is in Mexico. Now Mexico is a fine place for all manner of reasons despite what US President Trump might say, but one thing it does not have is a good system for the care of the elderly and infirm. It is a poor country.

Therefore Elicio will have to care for his father as best he can and one of the ways that we in SL and RL can help him is firstly to go to the Cauldron and buy such of his creations as we can afford and have room for in our inventories; secondly,. if we can and if we wish to we can fund his caring in a more material way by donating at this gofundme site, the url of which is below:
https://www.gofundme.com/elicio. This is run by a close friend of his in Elicio’s SL name. It is not a thing that I have done before but if even one of the folk who read this blog make a small donation it will be a positive help to a very genuine and worthy person, who is doing his best for his father. If you can, please help Elicio.

Equine Etiquette in SL…an Outmoded Concept?

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Today and not for the first time in recent weeks, we have a passionate debate in SL Ponyplay. The problem is that some folk simply cannot manage to argue in a civilised manner.
Surely most folk that partake in SL ponyplay recognise the D/s roots of this roleplaying? Anyone with a sniff of experience of Ponyplay in RL would instantly know this.

Concomitant with that would be, I posit, an understanding that politeness at the very least and to some degree deference to figures in authority or with some seniority is required. Maybe I am just old-fashioned in expecting this, I don’t know. Also a principal property of our roleplay in SL is a tolerance of others’ views.

Both of these qualities seem to be singularly lacking in SL Ponyplay at the moment. This may be a result of the situation that no-one with the experience of both Ponyplay and roleplay and the determination to set and require adherence to standards is available to SL at the moment. It may also be due to the view, which seems to be gaining credence, that roleplay, and by association ponyplay, is what the individual wants it to be. A “free-for-all” situation simply will never work.

Today the upshot is that when differing sets of standards are required by an event organiser, a rancorous debate ensues as to whether that individual is correct or even worthy of recognition.
The comments that I have seen in SL today are often passionate but rarely considered. Some individuals seem to revel in goading others until they make intemperate remarks and then pillorying them for doing so.

Whether the specifics involved are right or wrong is not my point. My point is that we should be capable of debating this matter in a civilised and tolerant manner. My impression today, as it has been several times in the recent past, is that many cannot.

At the risk of seeming petulant, my cry is “For Goodness’ Sake take a deep breath and think before you speak out and if you must, do it politely!”

Head in the Clouds?

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There is a new discipline out for the ponyfolk. At Darkwing’s home sim Devon Dream, Miss Safra Nitely has created “Cloud Hopping”. The nearest equivalent would be a sort of aerial 3D steeplechase, but it is much more than that. You jump from cloud to cloud while the thunder crashes around you. Spend too long on the cloud and it starts to rain, and as it rains the cloud becomes phantom and you fall through it to the ground!
So, deftly you jump from cloud to cloud (there are currently 27) but beware! If you make a “hard landing” as you jump down (and you DO have to jump most times), you’ll spend too long on the cloud and …whoops! you fall. It is hard…it was intentionally made that way and I am still only just capable of completing the course about 2 out of 5 runs but it is a great design and worth a try. No cheating, mind…no Quickjump!

I don’t think it is signposted on the sky platforms yet, but if you find the Ponyball stadium you should see the new path to the course. I’ll try to post some photos soon, but at present that would be a tad difficult, since I am not…how to put it… able to see it at the moment.

For now I’ll just encourage you to trot along to Devon and have a look, it’s worth a tour for the design alone, and bear in mind that Devon is the home of Jo Gallindo’s Toybox Steeple as well.

Good Grief….yet again!!

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The Streetwhores parcel on Wirtz sim was attacked yet again today. This time the griefer employed some new form of graphics loader that brought the sim to its knees again and crashed me twice. It would seem that griefers have already found a way around the new avatar complexity routines that were designed specifically to stop the use of conventional graphics crashers. It did not take the griefers long to find a new way to wreak havoc upon those with whom they disagree or just like to pick on.

The sim survived and the miscreants, almost certainly using hacked accounts, are banned and ARed for all the good it’ll do. New security measures are being worked out, so there will most likely be some lively debate about “script and complexity Nazis” until the sensible control limits are arrived at.

The trouble is that since Streetwhores raised its profile and its traffic, it has become a target for ne’er do well griefers. The price of success?

PS: For the curious, I am just an officer there. I do NOT offer services to those of an animalistic bent.

Good Grief(ing)

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Though there was nothing good about it, in fact. On Friday December 30th, the Wirtz sim received a serious object griefing which was, in the end, neutralised without any assistance from Linden Lab, who were on holiday.

A griefer, whose name is known now to both us at Wirtz and to Linden Support and eventually to Linden’s Abuse reporting operation, saturated the sim with objects to the extent that the sim very nearly crashed. In attempting to deal with the issue my partner and I both suffered corruption of our AOs and for several days had TP issues into and out of Wirtz.

Unfortunately due to today’s (Wednesday’s) restart SNAFU the server was not restarted, which we seriously needed. As a result Wirtz is still dreadfully laggy and some folks are still having issues TPing out of the sim. Since myself and my partner suffered significant harm to our avatars dealing with the issue, Linden Lab’s offhand and extremely slow response to our contacts has irritated me to the point of writing this post.

We all know that various malicious and mindlessly vandalising forms of griefing have existed for as long as SL has, I simply lament that there are folk “out there” whose way of getting fun is to spoil that of others. Last night my partner and I went to a funfair and had our evenings ruined by a moron with a gun of some sort which “killed” us and sent us back home (twice) since the sim was damage-enabled for some of the sideshows functions. It is just unfortunate that these idiots can continue their negative actions while LL fiddles like Nero.

And a Happy New Humbug to you all.

Same old same old…

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SL Ponyplay is being riven by another bout of intolerance, rudeness and just plain bad manners. Several experienced individuals have made rational comments inworld and some with RL experience of Ponyplay have also commented.
The bottom line yet again is that we are a diverse community but more importantly we are beginning to lose one of our most important attributes. Tolerance. If we lose that, we lose everything that is worthwhile in this type of community. Most in SL Ponyplay are in SL because for whatever reason, and they are legion, they cannot practice RL ponyplay as they would wish to.

There is also the D/s aspect of Ponyplay, and that appears to have been utterly ignored by many. I have strong opinions on this but I do not feel it appropriate to either stand on a soapbox here and rant, nor do I intend to do it inworld. It is just not “right” and I will not do it. Others do not feel so constrained and it is for them to decide whether that is appropriate or even wise.
All I will say is that most of the comment I have heard is almost guaranteed to harm SL Ponyplay and remove from many of us something that we hold dear and that saddens me immensely.

Update on FS 5.0.1

•December 19, 2016 • 2 Comments

It has now been 4 days of quite heavy use of the new viewer and I have to say my first impressions were inaccurate. This is not a GOOD viewer, it is a GREAT one! There are numerous Bugfixes which almost go unnoticed until you realise that things are actually working the way they should not simply “more or less” as they had been.

The one that leapt out at me today was the fix for the odd mispositioning of attachments in mouselook (I spend a LOT of time in ML) plus the fact that my viewer is nearly as fast with ALM (shadows and light reflections) on as it used to be with ALM off and shorter draw distances.

I’m not going to say that the viewer is perfect, it surely isn’t, but it is damn close, and that’s good enough for me. I personally have no use for Bento but it is a relief to know that Bento attachments will now render correctly for me.